Natural with Lemon and red wine shallot dressing $4.50
Natural with Lemon Granita $4.50
Oven Baked with Pancetta, pangrattato and korengo mayonnaise $5.00


Marinated Olives with herb grissini(V) $12.00
Bruschetta served with thin slices of sopressa ( v optional) $14.50
Steam mussles in white wine, garlic, chili and caper butter sauce, toast ciabatta $16.50
Arancini filled with kowhitiwhiti, spinach, provolone cheese and chili, with kawakawa Mayonnaise (v) $15.50
Capresse salad with cured prosciutto, horopito and basil oil, balsamic reduction and crostini (v) $15.50
Fried calamari coated in Spiced semolina on a fregola, crispy sopressa and Roast Peppers salad and olive and tomato salsa $16.00
Seared scallops with korengo pea puree, roast pumpkin, sweet peas, pangrattato finished with a crispy prosciutto $16.00
Braised wagyu meatballs with couscous and herb salad $19.50


La Porchetta served with roasted fennel and pumkpin, cauliflower puree, Jus and apple sauce, black olive crumble $32.00
Lamb rump served with rosemary roasted potato, pea puree, roasted baby beets, pickled beets finished with thyme jus $37.00
Pan seared fish fillets with Sicilian caponata, a Fresh zucchini, Mint, fried caper and chili salad finished with lemon butter sauce $34.50
Eye fillet 220g-250g cooked medium rare served with oxtail croquet, sweet onion potato puree, pecorino crisps, red wine jus and pea tendrils $42.00
Chicken kieve stuffed with Red pesto, and mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto, served with Aspargus, mushrooms and Roast Pepper $32.50


Spaghetti Bianco Marinara, Garlic and chili, mussels, prawn, calamari, prawn tails, fish, fennel, white wine finish with olive oil and parsley $27.00
Kumara and kowhitiwhiti no egg Ravioli, white bean puree, pumpkin and pinenut cream, sautéed mushrooms, candied pumpkin seeds, kowhitiwhitiverde (vegan) $23.50
CasarecciaBolognese topped with pecorino cheese $23.00
Crayfish Ravioli and Prawn, pumpkin puree, asparagus, Lemon Butter sauce,crushed pistachio, and pea tendrils $28.00
Fresh Gnocchi, Fennel sago fresh basil and mozzarella (v) $24.00
Cannelloni filled with traditional meat Ragu, pomodoro and bechamel sauce served with a Rocket, pear, parmesan and walnut salad $25.50
Vegetarian option is filled with spinach and ricotta(v) $24.50
Crab, chili, chive and sweet pea risotto, parmesan and prosciutto crisp $26.50


Margarita – Napoli sauce, tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil (v) $15.50
Margarita with olives (v) $16.50
Al fungi- Napoli sauce, mozzarella, garlic mushrooms, gorgonzola, fresh roquette, olive oil (v) $16.50
Pepperoni- Napoli sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni $16.50
Milano- Napoli sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, fresh roquette, pecorino, olive oil $16.50
Meatlovers- Napoli sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, pancetta, sopressa, prosciutto, olives, garlic, chilli $18.00
Quatro Formaggi- Napoli sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, ricotta, pecorino, garlic, rocket (v) $18.00
Pollo al funghi pizza, Napoli sauce, mozzarella, spinach, chicken, red onion, mushroom, basil and cherry tomato $18.00


Panzanella Salad of heirloom tomatoes, croutons, fresh basil, capers, olives and seasoned ricotta (v) $16.00
Rockmelon Carpaccio, mint and baked ricotta salad with cherry tomato, rocket, crispy prosciutto and red pesto (v) $17.50
Flaked salmon fillet served with mixed lettuce leaves, cucumber, artichoke, celery heart, avocado, sicilian olives, capers, roasted new potatoes preserved lemon and a chive mayonnaise $21.00


Tiramisu- espresso jelly, chocolate soil, white coffee gelato $17.00
Lemon cello cheesecake- lemon curd, raspberry sorbet, raspberries, meringue $17.50
Honey and Burnt fig Semi freddo- Honey and lemon crumb and summer fruits $16.00
Trio of gelato or sorbet- Ask your server for tonights choices $14.50
Vanilla panacotta served with white chocolate pistachio crunch, peach compote, hokey pokey, and pistachio gelato $16.50


Spaghetti and meatball $13.00
Chicken strips and chips $13.00
Ham and mozzarella pizza $13.00
Margarita pizza (v) $13.00
Casareccia bolognaise $13.00


Fries with kawakawa mayonnaise $7.00
Rosemary roasted potato $9.00
Brocolini and anchovy butter $9.50
Mix lettuce leaves, cucmber, fennel, cherry
tomato salad